Rustic Hardwood Sleepers

These sleepers are a mixture of Australian hardwood species that have been used in the NZ rail network.
Extremely rare and hard to come by – suited for architectural features and high-end rustic finishes.

They are weathered and rustic, driftwood grey to light brown in colour.

A Grade Sleepers – 2.1M  lengths

 2100mm  x 200mm x 140mm (approx.)

Durability: 20 years

Minimum order: 25 sleepers

Weight: 65kg

A Grade Sleepers – 3.6m lengths

Dimensions: 3600mm x 200mm x 140mm (approx.)

Minimum order: 10 sleepers

Weight: from 70kg per sleeper.
Note: rebate in the timber can be present from rail position on under side.
-Per availability.